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Click on the articles below to hear more of the stories and meanings behind Radical Son's work and his upcoming album Bilambiyal (The Learning)...

"I'm so incredibly grateful for your voice and for this song and for the music and also for your honesty in grappling with the many complex elements of making music and of living on these lands at this time"

  - Leah Avene, Triple R 

"With a voice as deep as the ocean and as soulful as a church choir, he's out to see some "proppa change"."

                              - Liina Flynn, Koori Mail

“Coming from hip hop roots, moving through soul, and then moving into a space where music and activism meets, Radical Son’s music has really punched through the heart of the Australian industry...”

  - Sosefina Fuamoli, ABC Pacific

"Radical Son's vocals are their own gravitational force, intense, heavy, pulling you into the story."

                              - The Point Music News

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